Implementation of MEADcast, a multicast scheme in Linux system

Multicast to Explicit Agnostic Destinations (MEADcast) is a new multicast scheme where most of management tasks are performed by the sender, leaving the recipients untouched, i.e., they don't have to be changed or take part in the management task as in traditional multicast or other multicast schemes. The novelty of MEADcast includes:

Initial results based on simulation and analysis prove the efficiency and potential of MEADcast. More details can be seen at [1].

Goal of this thesis is to implement MEADcast functions in Linux system to form a real testbed and evaluate the scheme based on this testbed.

Dr. Vitalian Danciu



Number of students: 1 master student.



  1. C. N. Tran, V. Danciu, "Privacy-preserving multicast to explicit agnostic destinations", in Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation (INFOCOMP 2018), 2018, pp. 60-65
  2. R. Boivie, N. Feldman, Y. Imai, W. Livens, and D. Ooms, "Explicit Multicast (Xcast) Concepts and Options," RFC 5058 (Experimental), Internet Engineering Task Force, Nov. 2007. [Online]. Available:

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